Bosch Solution 844, 862, 880 and 16 – Code Change

NOTE: This is not for Solution 16 Plus, Solution 64 or Solution 144 – please search for those systems

This method assumes you have kept good records of user numbers and codes

1. Just enter your master code (user 1) followed by [1] then press [away].
2. You should hear 3 beeps and the “stay” and “away” (man inside and outside of house) indicators will begin to flash.
3. Then select the user number you wish to change – if it’s the master/only code press [1] else press [2] thru [8] for users 2 thru 8, then press [away]
4. Enter your new 4 digit code followed by [away] (hint – don’t use 1234 or 2580 as they are the default codes)
5. Stay and Away indicators will stop flashing and screen will return to normal
6. check your old code no longer works, if it does you need to start over because something went wrong
7. test your new code by turning your system on then off (code away, code away)